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Ko-fi Shop policy


  • All orders are shipped from Czech republic. I ship worldwide, however if my shop seems not to let you order to your location, please contact me.

  • I, as the Seller, am NOT responsible for any import or customs fees that might occur depending on your country's VAT laws.

  • In case of an order of a regular item in stock that is NOT marked as "MADE TO ORDER", the average processing time is 1 to 5 days after the order has been placed.

  • In case of an order that contains a "MADE TO ORDER" item, the average processing time can vary from 1 to 7 days after the order has been placed.

Shipping Information

  • By default the order is sent by priority mail accompanied by a tracking number.

  • Average delivery time by country:

  • Czech republic - 1 to 5 days

  • EU - 3 to 14 days

  • All non-EU - 2 to 4 weeks

  • The average delivery time can vary depending on the current carrier busyness due to holidays and other events, COVID-19 delays or weather delays.

  • In case of purchase within Czech republic, the delivery is provided by the Czech post.

  • In case of purchase outside of Czech republic, packages are handed over by Czech post to your country's delivery carrier. I am unable to predict which delivery carrier will be used in each country. However for US delivery, I can confirm that the majority of packages always seem to most likely be handed over to the USPS carrier.

  • I am responsible for the package before I hand it to the delivery carrier (Czech post). I am not responsible for:

  • Incorrect address entered by the Customer at the time of purchase;

  • Foreign delivery carrier (USPS etc.) negligence or mishandling;

  • Unforeseen causes, such as natural disasters;

  • Delays in shipping due to COVID-19 and other causes that are out of my hands.

Refunds & Returns Information

  • You, as the Customer, are eligible for a full refund:

  • If the package hadn't been shipped at the time of the refund request;

  • You, as the Customer, are eligible for a partial refund (without the shipping fee):

  • In rare occassions where the package had been lost or returned to sender, with a clear indication of it on the official Czech post website;

  • If the package had been seriously damaged during the delivery - exceptions apply.

  • Unfortunatelly, I do NOT accept returns, exchanges or cancellations, and I will NOT issue a refund:

  • If you change your mind after the package had already been shipped;

  • If the package had been shipped to an old or wrong address due to your negligence in updating your correct address, or due to en error in address that you have entered.

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Terms of Service


  1. Referenced characters ONLY - if you do not have an image of your character or a photo of the real person in usable resolution, I will not accept your request (this does not apply to "ICON" commissions);

  2. I reserve the right to decline your request if I'm not comfortable with your idea, you provide insufficient reference, or I know it's outside my skill level and I would not be able to provide my best quality;

  3. I will not copy anyone's artstyle or change my color palette. You are buying an artwork made in my signature artstyle and color palette. I will not remove any of my signature art features. Please see my gallery on Instagram to get to know my artstyle.

  4. Digital images ONLY - by default, no physical image will be shipped to you;

  5. The commission might take 3 days to 1 month to finish (this countdown starting after the payment has been made). You will be notified if I expect to take more than 1 week to finish your commission.

I will draw

  • Female or feminine characters, including real people or OCs

  • Illustrations of small objects (exceptions may apply)

  • Artistic nudity (mild NSFW)

  • Demons, witches, nymphs, fairies and other humanoid fantasy characters (exceptions may apply)

  • Pin-up, simple and seductive poses

I will not draw

  • Male characters, couples

  • Heavy NSFW

  • Animals and furries

  • Regular humans with no fantasy elements

  • Mecha, armor and detailed lace

  • Dynamic / action poses and difficult perspective


  • After I've accepted your commission, no refund can be made, so make sure you know what you want and will not change your mind, and make sure we have communicated before you paid for your commission.

  • Refund can be made in very rare occasions, including but not limited to:

  • I find your request too complex for my skill level or can't work with it for any other reason, so I decide to cancel and refund the commission before starting.

  • During the sketch phase we come to the conclusion that I am not able to execute your idea in good quality, so we agree to cancel and refund the commission.

Artwork use Information

  • I have the right to post all SFW commissioned artworks on my social media accounts;

  • You have the right to use the commissioned artwork for any personal non-commercial purposes;

  • In case of the "Icon" commission, you have the right to display the artwork on your website, Twitch or Instagram as long as you're not making profits directly from reselling said artwork;

  • In case of the "Portrait" or "Full Body" commission, you have the right to upload the artwork on any social media profiles or websites as long as my name („tyiart“) and/or link to my social media accounts is prominently displayed along with said artwork;

  • I will NOT post any NSFW commissioned artworks on my social media accounts;

  • I will NOT make further profits from your commissioned artwork;

  • You CANNOT use the commissioned artwork in any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space;

  • You CANNOT make any profits from the commissioned artwork as it is NOT for commercial use;

  • You CANNOT remove my artist signature or amend the artwork in any way, unless agreed on with me first.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Feel free to message me on any of my socials or shoot me an email at [email protected]