My name is tyi and I supply pink fantasy art of girls with horns, antennae and or tails! Join me on all my socials, so you never miss a babe!

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Mystia Pearl

She/they, 32


  • Self-reliant, composed, quiet, optimistic, protective, wise

  • Stubborn, jealous

Height192 cm


Body type:Tall, hourglass
Eyecolor:Light gray, almost white
Favorite hairstyle:Wavy hair reaching under waist, bangs (sometimes parted)
Clothing style:Witchy, "her own"
Tattoos:Right hand - birth ornament; left arm - water wave
Characteristic features:Crescent moon and crystal accessories or patterns, her height


CHILDHOODMystia Pearl was not born to a woman. Her creator - cosmic witch named River Moira - was a well known medium providing magical services to women who were infertile and wanted to have children, or were able to bear but did not have a partner or did not want to go through the process of being pregnant.The magical incubation ritual included an object of the mother's choosing (mostly of natural origin), rain water from the night of full moon when the ritual was to be performed and the mother's hair, saliva or tears. In Mystia's case, the nature item was, you guessed it, a pearl. The name Mystia came from her conception night when, during the month of June, there was mysterious snowfall instead of rain. During the ages Mystia got born, daughters typically got their second names from their mothers, which is what River did too. However, while growing up, Mystia decided not to consider River as her real parent, and she claimed Pearl as her second name.Mystia was a quiet and reserved child. From very young age she started to notice that everything felt too loud or bright. She got born with overly sensitive ears and eyes. Every day she loved to play around in the water, but once she heard other children from the distance coming her way, she quickly picked up her flops and ran away.GROWING UPRiver never accepted Mystia's excuses for not making friends. She thought her daughter was just being lazy and odd, and scolded her for that.Hardly ever having time to raise her daughter if it wasn't for teaching her magic, River was always deep in books or working. She tried to turn Mystia into a dark witch by teaching her corrupt magic that she herself was too scared to perform. Mystia grew tired of being forced into learning things she hated. All she cared about was studying the nature, water the night sky.On the night of Mystia's 13th birthday, she found her creator's lifeless body lying between the books. She couldn't believe her eyes. She did not know if River had a disease that would cause her death or if she was poisoned by an intruder, who was nowhere to be seen and could not be traced. Mystia was flabbergasted, but in a bit she realized how much of relief it actually was.Mystia quickly managed to get back on track. She started studying what she actually enjoyed, learned to cook and bake cakes and set her own bedtime. The young witch discovered that it felt much better working and running errands at night and early morning, since the bright daylight was irritating for her eyes. Since there was nobody around to criticize her for her personality and interests, she gained enough courage to try being more social.As for friends, she always looked for quiet individuals to match her calm personality, all until she met the goofiest person on the island - Yasmin. At first, Mystia did get overstimulated from Yasmin's laugh, but there was some mysterious force dragging her to this giggly gal anyway. They felt like soulmates from very early on. Yasmin did her best to learn Mystia's triggers to help avoid them, and this level of care made Mystia fall in love with her.THE PRESENTMystia now lives with her fiance Yasmin in a cozy villa at the edge of the Enchanted forest, located on the main island of the Enchantress' Wrath.MAGICAL POWERSMystia Pearl keeps her magic peaceful, fun and convenient.She is able to levitate and move objects that are at least partly made of water, she can summon an orb of light for illumination and warmth, create shapes from water droplets and sparkles purely for decoration and entertainment purposes.For her passive power that she developed to survive with her extremely sensitive hearing, she can create a sound barrier around herself to completely mute the world outside of it. On the nights of full moon, Mystia is sometimes able to summon rain if the circumstances are right.

Sapphire Emmerean

She/they, 25


  • Protective, caring, independent, neat, elegant, stoic

  • Snobby, distrustful, judgemental, revengeful

Height175 cm


Body type:Pear/triangle, fit
Eyecolor:None - no iris/pupil
Favorite hairstyle:Straight hair reaching waist, tucked behind ears
Clothing style:Dark, goth, alternative
Tattoos:Left arm - planchette; right arm - tombstone, bloody knife; torso - "sinner", blood drops; left leg - bats; right leg - barbed wire, dagger.
Characteristic features:Spiderweb hair accessory, resting bitch face


CHILDHOODSapphire was born to a powerful vampire queen Emmerean Iona. At the time Emmerean was the ruling queen of the Northern Shards region, she performed highly dangerous spiritual rituals that oftentimes resulted in casualties. She also used to perform targeted human sacrifices. Understandably, the inhabitants of the islands feared for their lives and protested.But because the protests were to no avail, somebody bribed a masked group of assassins to attack the Grand Castle. At the time of the attack, Sapphire was only 9 years old. Her mother was murdered while Sapphire hid on the other side of the chamber, a place specifically designed by Emmerean for this type of emergency. She waited patiently until the assassins finally quit searching for her several hours later, and then escaped the Northern Shards all on her own.GROWING UPSapphire has been able to communicate with spirits of the deceased via Emmerean's rituals. These banned rituals, if being performed for an extended period of time, deepen the executor's thirst for blood and can result in feral and violent behavior until they find a victim to quench their thirst on. If this happens often, the brain may get damaged to the point of no return.This is something that Sapphire has been learning to avoid every time she tried to contact her mother's spirit. In the beginning, the connection to Emmerean was extremely difficult to maintain as she had been beheaded by the assassin, leaving her spirit shattered and unstable. Sapphire, while performing one of the dangerous rituals to talk to her mother, did lose her mind a few times, finding herself running off into the woods searching for the closest victim to quench her horrible itching thirst on. This nearly got her into serious trouble, as the noise that she made attracted the locals. She also developed migraines. Due to all of this, she set herself a strict discipline to make sure this never happens again.Thanks to the rituals, Emmerean was able to teach her daughter everything a vampire witch should know while growing up and trying to hide from possible aggressors. Sapphire grew to be comfortable with her own company while maintaining a deep relationship with her mother's spirit.THE PRESENTSapphire found her safe haven on The Frozen Key in the Western Shards region (map coming soon). Even though her best friends, Mystia and Yasmin, live across the map, Sapphire never feels alone. Her 25 pet bats keep her company along with occasional visits from Emmerean.As the island is too cold for others to reside on, Sapphire lives a peaceful life. She can also visit public places now as nobody would recognize her from her childhood years. For safety reasons, she does not use her second name.MAGICAL POWERSHer strongest magical power is to allure and fool, which makes the enemy highly obedient. This can be done quietly and quickly. It can both save Sapphire's life in case of one-person assault, and also provide her blood to drink anytime she needs without others noticing.Sapphire's weaker, but still impressive powers include manipulating crowds of living beings in the sense of making them move where she pleases, increasing or decreasing someone's body temperature after locking eyes with them, freezing liquids and increasing someone's heart rate by touch.All these powers were developed to be used only in case of self-defense, but as Sapphire became an adult, she did start yearning for a revenge. Yes, her mother used to be ruthless and cruel, but she'd never hurt her beloved daughter. Emmerean loved Sapphire greatly, taught her everything a mother should and protected her. Sapphire has always felt like they were partners in crime, and she will do everything to protect her spirit.

Last updated: 30th March 2023

⚠️ NOTICE ⚠️
As of 30th March 2023, every order made from the US will be provided a tracking number. After your package had been sent, please expect a message on Ko-fi with the link to a tracking website. Please check this link once in a while to ensure safe pick up. This is due to recent carrier's negligence to notify the recipient of the package that is being deposited at their post office. This causes package returns and inconvenience to everybody.
If you're from the US and haven't received your package within one (1) month, please contact me to send you the tracking link.

I. General

  1. I, as the Seller, am NOT responsible for any import or customs fees that might occur depending on your, the Customer's, country's VAT laws.

  2. Your ordered items will arrive in a package with the SENDER label stating my full name "Kristyna Konieczna", NOT my artist name "tyiart" - please take this into account to prevent confusion.
    - It is not my fault that the package was returned to sender because the customer didn't pick it up. See "refunds" section for more.

II. Order Processing

  1. In case of an order of a regular item in stock that is NOT marked as "MADE TO ORDER", the average processing time is 1 to 5 days after the order has been placed.

  2. In case of an order that contains a "MADE TO ORDER" item, the average processing time can vary from 1 to 7 days after the order has been placed.

III. Shipping

  1. All orders are shipped from Czech republic. I ship worldwide, except Germany, due to the German Packaging Act.
    - If my shop seems not to let you order to your location, please contact me.

  2. By default the order is sent by priority mail accompanied by a tracking number.
    - In case of an Etsy order, your tracking will be visible on the "Purchases and reviews" page.
    - In case of a Ko-fi order, this website does not offer an option to enter a tracking number for the customer. If you're from the US, you will be messaged your tracking number via Ko-fi messages due to recent US carrier negligence. If you're from Europe, please message me on Ko-fi or any socials with your name and date of ordering so I can send the tracking number to you. Members of my Ko-fi Membership will always get their tracking number messaged automatically.

  3. For purchases within Czech republic the delivery is provided by the Czech post. In case of purchase outside of Czech republic, packages are handed over by Czech post to your country's delivery carrier. I am unable to predict which delivery carrier will be used in each country.

  4. Average delivery time by country:
    - Czech republic - 1 to 5 days
    - EU - 3 to 14 days
    - All non-EU - 2 to 4 weeks

  5. The average delivery time can vary depending on the current carrier busyness due to holidays and other events, COVID-19 delays or weather delays.

  6. I, as the Seller, am responsible for the package before I hand it to the delivery carrier (Czech post). I am not responsible for:
    - Incorrect address entered by the Customer at the time of purchase;
    - Customer not being informed by their local post office after the package had been deposited;
    - Foreign delivery carrier (USPS etc.) negligence or mishandling;
    - Unforeseen causes, such as natural disasters;
    - Delays in shipping due to COVID-19 and other causes that are out of my hands.

  7. If you haven't received your package within 6 months, please contact me.

IV. Refunds & Returns

  1. You, as the Customer, are eligible for a full refund:
    ~- If the package hadn't been shipped at the time of the refund request;~

  2. You, as the Customer, are eligible for a partial refund (without the shipping fee):
    ~- In rare occasions where the package had been lost or returned to sender, with a clear indication of it on the official Czech post website;
    - If you hadn't picked up the package at the local post, therefore it was returned to sender and you do not wish for me to re-send it.
    - If the package had been seriously damaged during the delivery - sufficient photos are required, exceptions apply.

  3. Unfortunately, due to the nature of international shipping I do NOT accept returns, exchanges or cancellations, and I will NOT issue a refund:
    ~- If you change your mind after the package had already been shipped;
    - If the package had been shipped to an old or wrong address due to your negligence in updating your correct address, or due to en error in address that you have entered.

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Once you become a member, you will receive a Loyalty card with your first membership mail or shop order (whichever happens first).

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What are Collectible cards?

In every physical-reward tier, you will receive a collectible thank-you card with every monthly mail!

  • Simply said, they are "thank-you notes" turned into something cooler - something with added value that you can collect and exchange.

  • The card is always matching to the current monthly theme - every month different design!

  • You have a small chance to obtain a rare card - with holographic effect!

  • Each card is numbered and signed by me.

Above you can see the collectible card of the current mothly theme.

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Last updated: 18th March 2023

  • Being a part of my Ko-fi "Membership" means that for a monthly fee you become a member of my Ko-fi Community.

  • Being a member means directly supporting my work and receiving member-exclusive content. The content can be digital, physical or both, depending on the membership tier you purchase.

I. Digital rewards

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  2. Currently offered digital rewards are:
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  3. Digital rewards are posted on Ko-fi freely as the month goes. There is no schedule for them nor a fixed amount that will be posted every month.

  4. At the end of every month, all of the digital rewards posted for this month are put together into one listing in the Ko-fi Shop for easier access.

II. Physical rewards

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  3. The amount of stickers in the sticker pack and the type of vinyl used depends on the current theme.

  4. You can purchase remaining items from past themes in my Ko-fi Shop, "Member only" section. If a certain theme is not listed, it is not available anymore.

III. Loyalty Cards

  1. The aim of the Loyalty card project is to give Ko-fi members an opportunity to obtain free goodies for their continuous patronage.

  2. Every member now receives a Loyalty card either with their first shop order as a member, or with their first membership mail - whichever happens sooner.

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  5. Even though every new member will be sent a Loyalty card when eligible, it is the member's choice whether they will choose to participate and start filling in their card with stickers or not.

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  8. In case of a lost Loyalty card with several stickers on it, the member is to notify me and let me know how many stickers they had on it at the time of loss. If the member has an account on Ko-fi, I can check the order history and review it, and send the new Loyalty card with the correct amount of stickers. If the member does not have a Ko-fi account, I have no way of reviewing the order history, therefore I can only send a new Loyalty card, but no Loyalty stickers.

IV. Other rewards

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    - A higher tier does not grant you higher chance of obtaining the rare card - it is completely random!

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V. Shipping

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VI. Additional Information

  1. Due to my country tax regulations for self-employment I am obliged to record which part of the world is my income coming from, this is why I require every member's address even from tiers that don't have physical rewards.

  2. Your monthly mail can be sent along with your shop order if you message me right after placing an order. This does not make you eligible for any shipping fee refund from the membership pledge, as it only servers as a way to have your membership mail sent by faster priority mail with tracking. It can also be used as a "cheat" way to receive the current mail faster than others, however keep in mind that you must have had paid the membership pledge for the current month before the order.

⚠️ NOTICE ⚠️

The commission service is for personal use only. The Commissioner is strictly prohibited from using any commissioned artwork in anything related to crypto art / NFTs.


TypeBase price
Lineart: Portrait€20
Lineart: Full body€50
Color: Portrait€40
Color: Full body€75
Complex BG€130
Twitch Banner/Screen€30
  • Custom commissions available! Don't be afraid to message me with a special idea, such as half body, multiple characters or anything else (that's not against my Terms of Service)!


Full Color

Complex Background


  • Additional fees may be applied in case of (but not limited to):
    - extra item with the character (+20%)
    - lots of jewellery or complex clothing (+30%)
    - large wings (+15%)
    - extra character (+50 to 100%)
    - commission prioritization - the "rush fee" (+30%)

  • The fee percentages vary depending on each individual request.


  • Black & White discount: In case of requesting a "Color: Full body" or "Color: Portrait" commission that is to be made in black and white color scheme, you are eligible for a 10% off discount. The "Lineart" types of commission are not eligible for this discount.

  • You are eligible for a 15% off discount if you're a member of the Vampire tier in my Ko-fi Membership at the time of requesting the commission. In case an another discount is running at the time of requesting, it is NOT stackable with the Vampire discount, meaning the bigger discount applies.

  • You are eligible for a 10% off discount if you're a returning customer, meaning - you already commissioned me in the past. In case an another discount is running at the time of requesting, it is NOT stackable with the Returning customer discount, meaning the bigger discount applies.

  • These discounts are applied automatically and are visible on the invoice.

  • The discounts are stackable depending on their type:
    - B&W + Vampire discount = Stackable
    - B&W + Returning customer discount = Stackable
    - Vampire + Returning customer discount = NOT Stackable, the higher discount applies

Last updated: 18th March 2023

I. General

  1. The Artist reserves the right to reject, cancel or stop working on a Commission in case of rude/inappropriate behavior, poor communication, breach of these Terms of Service, in case the Artist is not comfortable with the idea/concept of the request or the Commissioner provides insufficient reference.

  2. The Artist has the right to alter the Terms of Service at any time. New rules will not apply retroactively and won't influence orders started on older terms.

  3. By requesting a commission, the Commissioner agrees to respect the Artist's art style, meaning they will not ask to amend the color palette and the style of line-art. The Artist will not copy any other artist's art style.

II. Artwork Topics

  1. The Artist will not accept a Commission that contains male characters, animals (exceptions may apply) and furries, mecha, armor, pornographic and sexual themes, action poses, difficult perspective, fetishes, or any form of hateful, racist or gory themes.

  2. The Artist is able to draw female or feminine characters including real people or original characters, illustrations of small objects (exceptions may apply), demonic and fantasy characters, pin-up and simple sitting, laying or squatting poses.

  3. The Commissioner must provide sufficient image reference to the Artist, otherwise there is a high chance of the request rejection.

  4. The Artist reserves the right to turn down any Commission request that is of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) nature or generally makes them uncomfortable, even if it appears to adhere to these Terms of Service.

III. Payment & Refunds

  1. The payment is made via Paypal or Stripe invoices.

  2. All prices are expressed in EURO (€), and Paypal payments are expected to be made as such. The Stripe invoices (for card payments) come in Czech Crowns (CZK) converted from EURO with the exchange rate of the respective day.
    ⚠️ Cryptocurrencies are NOT accepted as payment.

  3. All invoices are due within 7 days from receiving them, unless agreed otherwise. Invoices past the due date will be cancelled along with the Commission request. The Commissioner will be notified of this fact.

  4. The initial sketch is provided to the Commissioner for free with a watermark. Any further edits to this sketch require the Commission to be fully paid.

  5. After the Commission has been paid, generally no refund can be made, with exceptions including but not limited to:
    - While working on the Commission, the Artist realizes the request is outside of their skills/experience and they will not be able to execute the Commissioner's idea in the best quality.
    - Any Artist's personal reasons that arise in the middle of the Commission process, preventing them from continuing to work.

IV. Workflow

  1. The Artist is available to work on a Commission from Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM CEST, occasionally at random times during weekends if possible and required. These time frames may vary depending on amount of workload around the Shop and Memberships, which are always a priority.

  2. After sending the Commission request, the Commissioner will be provided with a watermarked sketch free of charge. It usually takes a few business days for the Artist to respond to a Commission request.

  3. The Commissioner is to review and either accept and ask to proceed, or reject and cancel the Commission. During the sketch phase it is critical to capture all major points such as the correct pose of the body, head and hands, general idea of the clothing and hairstyle, and in case of complex background Commissions the position of background elements.

  4. If the Commissioner accepts the initial sketch and wishes to continue, the Artist sends them an invoice. The invoice must be fully paid before the Artist can continue working on the artwork.

  5. The next stage the artwork is revised at is the finished lineart. The Commissioner asks for edits or approves it, allowing the Artist to start the coloring stage (if the commission is of the "Full Color" type).

  6. After the artwork is colored, the Artist shares this final version with the Commissioner. The Commissioner may ask for minor edits that don't interrupt large line-art patches, such as color changes or placement of small elements (butterflies, sparkles, etc.). The figure pose cannot be changed anymore.
    - The Artist decides if the requested edits are small enough to be free, or there is a need for the Commissioner to pay a fee. If the requested edits would generate a fee, the Artist notifies the Commissioner before they start with the edits, so the Commissioner can decide whether to proceed or not.

  7. After the Commissioner is satisfied with the Commission, the Artist sends the high resolution file to the Commissioner's email. By doing so, the Commission is considered to be closed and any further edits asked by the Commissioner after this point will be charged.

V. Queue & Priorization

  1. The Commissioner has the right to ask for work-in-progress updates whenever they need, however it is recommended to use the Waitlist on Trello to track the order's progress.

  2. Generally there is no clear estimate on how long will each Commission take. The Commissioner will always be notified of the approximate time frame until the next stage.

  3. If there are more commissions in the queue (see Waitlist), the Artist decides which Commission they will work on first depending on convenience. The fact that a Commission had been started first does not mean it will be finished first (some take longer than others, require more details and/or edits, or some correspondences take longer).
    ⚠️ This can be overridden if the Commissioner pays the "Rush fee" (see "fees"), which means the Artist will finish this Commission with a priority and as soon as possible.

VI. Delivery & Format

  1. Each Commission type has its own default format, unless agreed otherwise:
    - The Full body Commission type is made on canvas sized 3508 x 2480 px (A4), PNG image, 300 dpi.
    - The Portrait Commission type is made on canvas sized 2480 x 1748 px (A5), PNG image, 300 dpi.
    - The Complex background Commission type is made on canvas sized 3508 x 2480 px (A4), PNG image, 300 dpi.

  2. All communication during the Commission process is expected to happen via the same platform the request had been sent on - either respective social media, or in case of the form submission - via Email, unless agreed otherwise.

  3. The final Commission file will be sent as a PNG image. This file must be sent via Email, as social media generally don't allow sharing high resolution files.

  4. The Commissioner may ask for physical print of the artwork in A6, A5 or A4 format. This print is made of smooth matte paper, 230 gsm.
    - In case of an A6 print, the artwork can be sent free of charge by untracked stamped envelope (internationally).
    - In case of the A5 or A4 sized prints, the Commissioner must pay the print and the tracked shipping fee (price varies by country), which will be provided by the Artist upon request.

VII. Copyright & Use

  1. By commissioning the Artist, the Commissioner is purchasing their labor only. The Artist retains all rights to the commissioned artwork, which includes but is not limited to the reposting, display and use of the artwork for Artist promotion, unless previously otherwise agreed on.

  2. The Commissioner may repost the commissioned artwork at will as long as the Artist is properly credited (must include the Artist's artist name "tyiart" and/or a link to the Artist's social media accounts). In case of use of the commissioned artwork on Twitch etc., the Commissioner must credit the Artist visibly in a separate "Artist" panel or as agreed otherwise.

  3. The Commissioner may use the digital file for local printing, avatars, screen wallpapers, etc., as long as there is no profit being made from it.

  4. The Commission is for personal use only. The Commissioner is prohibited from reselling or using the artwork for redistribution and external projects, commercial or non-commercial, i.e. t-shirts, mugs, public flyers, etc., unless previously agreed on.

  5. The Commissioner is strictly prohibited from using the commissioned artwork in any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency or any future inventions in the space.

  6. The Commissioner may NOT edit, alter or trace the commissioned artwork without the Artist's expressed, written permission.

  7. The Commissioner may NOT remove the Artist's signature or claim the artwork as their own.

How to request?

    You can request a commission by messaging me on Twitter or Instagram. Please make sure to let me know the exact type of commission you're requesting (portrait/full body in lineart/full color) and to provide sufficient picture reference.

    Once the form is submitted, you'll be contacted via e-mail you provided, and all correspondence during the process will be done via e-mail as well.