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Membership through Ko-fi is a great way for you to support your favorite artist on regular basis while receiving exclusive rewards and perks! Members directly help me pay for my life expenses, and also get 25% off on commissions.

For those wanting something personal


I'm excited to draw you or your original characters in my style! Do you want to become a witch, an alien or a vampire? You can suggest your own idea or check my Cara portfolio to get inspired!

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About the Artist

I'm a queer digital artist from Czech republic. My passion is to draw ethereal female beings and create purple worlds for them! I like to stay consistent in my colors and make art that is soft and pleasing to look at. Read more ...

planned upcoming event

29 - 30


Fantastická Ostrava

Ostrava, CZ

I've been accepted! Let me know if you're coming to see me!

planned upcoming event

22 - 23



Ostrava, CZ

I've been accepted! Let me know if you're coming to see me!

more events coming in the future. see you there!



About the Artist



I've always loved to draw since I was little. As I was growing up, I often fought the urge to create but not liking how messy and time consuming traditional art could get. After getting a graphic tablet for my 18th birthday, I finally started being more consistent and created much more often. I attended a few art classes as an after-school activity, but I never studied art officially.When I made my Instagram account in 2017, I wanted to start posting every day. My goal was to get seen and make friends! I was making simple lineart pieces that I quickly got tired of because they were lacking depth. They didn't get me much attention, so I got slightly discouraged and went on a hiatus.In 2020, I got hit by a new wave of motivation and started posting realistic artworks. They were based on real pictures and there was nothing really added to it from my side, and I soon felt like it was pointless and basically just watercolor-style "copies" of real photos. This is also when I found out that using the full color spectrum gets a little stressful for me at times. So halfway through 2020, I made my first piece with a blue line on pink background.These first pink and blue pieces were very simple and not that interesting, but I did find comfort in the colors. When I began adding more shades of pinks and fantasy elements, I noticed my art finally being liked and shared by others. By the end of 2020, my artworks also had light blue in them and since then, I've always kept the same color palette!Thanks to some artists on Instagram, I found out it was possible to build your own business on art. During 2021, I started my business as a side thing. Then, in June 2022, I was finally free of the extremely stressful 5-to-9 job, and I began working with art full time!Even after a year and a half of owning a small business, my income is still too small to afford an apartment, so I live with my family and my orange cat and work from my small cozy room! Recently I attended my first art convention which only convinced me more that this is what I'd love to be doing for as long as possible.If you'd like to meet me, keep an eye out on Events to see where I'll go boothing next!

Available Adoptables

My characters are for personal use only. Please contact me for Commercial Use Licence.

How to buy

  1. Click "Buy on Ko-fi" button at the end of the adoptables library that will take you to the general "Adoptable" listing in my Ko-fi shop.

  2. Make sure to check the adopt's price and enter the correct amount in the "How much would you like to pay" field.

  3. Proceed with payment.

  4. After the payment has been confirmed, please message me on Ko-fi copying and filling this template:

Hi, I just bought your adopt [ADOPTABLE LETTER]. My email to send the files: [YOUR EMAIL]Example:
Hi, I just bought your adopt C. My email to send the adopt's files: [email protected]

  1. Once I notice your message, I will review your payment and send you your adoptable's files via email. I will also inform you that the files have been sent via Ko-fi message.

Adoptables Terms of Service

Last updated: 8th December 2023

use & ownership

  1. All designs made by me, the Artist, are for personal use only.

    - Commercial use fee may be discussed prior purchasing.

  2. You, the Customer, may NOT use the design for NFT/AI, and to spread hateful messages and anything of this nature.

  3. You, the Customer, may NOT claim the design as your own - you bought the character but you did not create the design of it.

  4. You, the Customer, may edit the design and the color palette of the character, but the edits must be made on another artwork. The original artwork of the design that you have purchased must be kept intact (the design changes can be marked with notes on it).

  5. If you've bought a character without a story, you may create one for them as well as personality, gender and anything else related.

payment & reselling

  1. You, the Customer, only own the character after the full payment has been done.

  2. Payment is done via the "Adoptable" listing in my Ko-fi shop.

  3. I do NOT offer any refunds after the character has been bought. Make sure you really want this character.

  4. You, the Customer, may resell the character. The price however must be the same or less than what you've purchased it for.

    - If you're reselling the character, please notify me to whom so I can keep track of where my character currently is! If you fail to notify me and I lose track of my character, you will be blacklisted.


I will be honored if you let me to draw you or your OC in my style! There are two ways to commission me:

Member Commissions

  • Communication via: Ko-fi (you may request my Discord username)

  • Payment via: Ko-fi

If you're my Ko-fi member, you may request a commission via Ko-fi or Discord. The final file is sent to your email, and as a member you get perks such as:

  • Initial sketch is free of charge!

  • Auto discount 25% off all commissions!

Non-Member Commissions

  • Communication via: VGen

  • Payment via: VGen

If you're not a member and don't want to become one, you may request a commission via VGen. This site lets you pay via Paypal or card and the payment is 100% secure just like on Ko-fi.

  • Full upfront payment is required

Member Commissions

💳 payment

Via Kofi

You can choose to pay with PayPal or debit card (Stripe)

🖼️ Format

300 dpi PNG image

In A4 size by default, but you may request a different size

📦 delivery

Via Email

The high resolution PNG image will be sent to your email for maximum quality


Item💜 Member price*❌ Non-member price**
LINEART: Portrait€30.00€40.00
COLOR: Portrait€45.00€60.00
LINEART: Bust€37.50€50.00
COLOR: Bust€52.50€70.00
LINEART: 3/4 Body€45.00€60.00
COLOR: 3/4 Body€60.00€80.00
LINEART: Full Body€60.00€80.00
COLOR: Full Body€75.00€100.00
Add complex background+€41.25+€55.00

*Informative amount. The final price may differ depending on add-ons picked for each individual request.
**Informative amount. The actual amount may differ based on conversion rates.

additional fees

  1. Additional fees may be applied in case of (but not limited to):
    - extra item with the character
    - lots of jewellery or complex clothing
    - large wings
    - extra character
    - commercial use

  2. Fees vary depending on each individual request.


  1. You are eligible for a 25% off discount if you're a member of any membership tier in my Ko-fi Membership at the time of requesting the commission. This discount will be automatically applied on the Ko-fi commission payment.

Member Commission Terms of Service

These terms are valid for "Member" commissions. For "Non-member" commission terms, please see my VGen.

Last updated: 20th May 2024


  1. All commissions are done in my own art style and a color palette consisting of pink, purple and blue color tones. Please don't ask me to change it.

  2. I have the right to reject any request that makes me uncomfortable for any reason, in case of any kind of rude behavior or if you don't provide enough reference to work with.


  1. I do not accept requests that include male and animal-based characters (incl. furry), heavily sexual themes, fetishes, difficult perspective and poses, and any forms of hateful themes.

  2. I am able to draw female characters including real people or original characters, tasteful light NSFW and nudity, demonic, alien and other fantasy characters, pin-up and simple standing, sitting, lying, squatting and floating poses (exceptions may apply).

payment & refunds

  1. The payment is made via Ko-fi Commissions.

  2. All prices are expressed in EURO (€), and payments are expected to be made as such. Cryptocurrencies are NOT accepted as payment.

  3. The initial sketch is provided to the Commissioner for free with a watermark. Any further edits to this sketch require the Commission to be fully paid.

  4. After the Commission has been paid, generally no refund can be made, with exceptions including but not limited to:

    - While working on the Commission, I realize the request is outside of my skills/experience and I will not be able to execute your idea in the best quality.
    - Any personal reasons of mine that arise in the middle of the Commission process, preventing me from continuing to work.


  1. The turnaround time for a commission may vary from 2 weeks to the maximum of 2 months. This time differs depending on my other workload and the commission complexity.

  2. After discussing the idea together, you will be provided with a watermarked sketch free of charge. It usually takes a few business days for me to create a sketch for you.

  3. You may review and either accept the sketch and ask to proceed, or reject and cancel the Commission. During the sketch phase it is critical to capture all major points such as the correct pose of the body, head and hands, general idea of the clothing and hairstyle, and in case of complex background Commissions the position of background elements.

  4. If you accept the initial sketch and wish to continue, I ask you for the payment via Ko-fi. You must pick the correct Commission type and add-ons as communicated and the Commission must be fully paid before I can continue working on the artwork.

  5. The next stage the artwork is revised at is the finished lineart.You may ask for minor edits or approve it, allowing me to move to the coloring stage (if the commission is of the "Full Color" type).

  6. After the artwork is colored, I will share this final version with you. You may ask for minor edits, such as color changes or placement of small elements (butterflies, sparkles, etc.). The figure pose cannot be changed anymore.

    - I decide if the requested edits are small enough to be free, or there is a need for you to pay a fee. If the requested edits would generate a fee, I will inform you before I start with the edits, so you can decide whether to proceed or not. However, in 95% of cases edits are not charged.

  7. After you are satisfied with the Commission, I'll send you the high resolution file to your email. By doing so, the Commission is considered to be closed and any further edits requested by you after this point will be charged.

queue & prioritization

  1. You have the right to ask for work-in-progress updates whenever you need, however it is recommended to use the Waitlist on Trello to track the order's progress.

  2. Generally there is no clear estimate on how long will each Commission take. You will always be notified of the approximate time frame until the next stage.

  3. If there are more commissions in the queue, I decide which Commission I will work on first depending on convenience. The fact that a Commission had been started first does not mean it will be finished first (some take longer than others, require more details and/or edits, or some correspondences take longer).

delivery & format

  1. Every Commission type is drawn on an A4 sized (3508 x 2480 px) PNG image, 300 dpi.
    - For any "YCH" Commission types currently available, please check the Ko-fi Commission Listings for resolution & format info.

  2. All communication during the Commission process is expected to happen via the same platform the request had been sent on - either respective social media or via Email, unless agreed otherwise.

  3. The final Commission file must be sent via Email, as social media generally don't allow sharing high resolution files.

  4. You may ask for physical print of the artwork in A6, A5 or A4 format. This print is made of smooth matte paper, 230 gsm. Shipping and print fee information will be provided upon request.


  1. Personal use only. Commercial use must be thoroughly discussed prior ordering.

  2. You may post the artwork on any of your social media as long as you credit me (@tyi.art on IG, @tyi_art on X, ask for other social media). Please consider posting a lower resolution (screenshot etc.) version of the artwork to prevent the art from being stolen and used in AI.

  3. You may use the artwork as your profile picture. Please credit me in bio where available.

  4. You may NOT edit, alter or trace the artwork, or remove my signature without previously discussing it with me.

  5. You may NOT use my art in any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency or any future inventions in the space, and in relations to AI images.


  1. By commissioning me, you are purchasing my labor only. I retains all rights to the commissioned artwork, which includes but is not limited to the reposting, display and use of the artwork for my own promotion, unless previously otherwise agreed on.

  2. In case you wish to keep your commission private, a Private fee must be paid (+40%).

  3. I will NOT resell your commissioned artwork in any form.


What is a Ko-fi membership? It's the best way to support your favorite artist on monthly basis while receiving exclusive rewards and perks in return!

  • Monthly digital rewards such as wallpapers and coloring pages

  • Physical rewards with international shipping*

  • No ties - cancel anytime!

  • Members get special treatment such as shop and commission discounts, and closer communication via Ko-fi

*Currently not shipping to Germany

Freqently Asked Questions

When will I receive my digital rewards?

Digital rewards are posted freely during the entire month and there is not a fixed amount of them for each month. Once a reward is posted, you will see it at the top of my Ko-fi page and will be able to download the high resolution file after clicking on the image.

How do I access previously posted digital rewards?

You can access all past digital rewards in two ways. Go to the Gallery section of my Ko-fi page and click on albums to download them based on type, or go to my Ko-fi shop and click the Member-only section. There, you can download the rewards based on the month they were posted in.

When will I receive my physical rewards?

The delivery time around Europe varies from a few days up to two weeks. For the rest of the world the delivery may take up to a month. The shipment of your physical rewards is based on the day you joined on:

- First (early) batch: Payment went through until the 5th = Rewards sent around the 5th day of the month,
- Second batch: Payment went through until the 20th = Rewards sent around the 20th day of the month,
- Third (late) batch: Payment went through after the 20th = Rewards sent on the last day of the month.

Can I get merch with any of your past themes?

You can get the prints, stickers and some extra items from past themes in my Ko-fi shop. If you can't find a certain theme, it is possible that I haven't listed it yet, or it's been discontinued. Feel free to contact me and ask!

How to apply my member discount on shop order or a commission?

You get a 10% shop discount while being a member of the Mermaid or Vampire tier. This discount is applied automatically, so you don't have to worry about entering any discount code!You get a 25% commission discount while being a member of any tier. This discount is applied automatically on your commission payment!

How do I officially request a commission as a member?

The simplest way is to message me on Ko-fi! Simply go to my page and click the envelope button at the top of the page. You can start describing your idea right away! Make sure to get to know my pricing and terms.

Tiers & their rewards


support tier

€1.70 / month

Join the community by tossing me a coin every month and get some small perks in return! The Spirit is a tier that allows you to have a closer look and earlier access to some of my art and releases.Because I value your continuous support, you'll be granted 25% off discount on any commission you request while being a member. Occasionally, you will be able to unlock some rewards from the Fairy tier that may be wallpapers, coloring pages, printable memo pages and more!

  • 25% off all Commission types

  • Unlock the purchase of member-only shop items

  • VIP role on my Discord server

  • Early look at upcoming themes in Discord member-only channel

  • Occasional rewards from the Fairy tier


digital tier

€3.70 / month

With the Fairy, get all Spirit tier's rewards + many monthly digital downloads on top of it!You will be able to see and download high resolution files of desktop, tablet and phone wallpapers, coloring pages, daily, weekly and monthly printable planners, memo sheets and experimental items. Occasionally, you may also see some yearly and lunar calendars.Once in a few months, I also release art tutorials and looks into how I work, some inspiration posts and step-by-steps.

  • Spirit tier rewards

  • Wallpapers & coloring pages

  • Printable planner pages, memo sheets and calendars

  • Step-by-steps, art tutorials and inspiration

  • Access to all previously posted downloads


print club

€8.00 / month

As an Alien, you unlock all Spirit and Fairy perks, but also something even more exciting!Every month you're pledged in, you will get one to two postcard-sized art prints, depending on the current theme.Rewards for this tier are sent in a stamped white envelope to keep the cost low, and the delivery is not trackable.

  • Spirit tier rewards

  • Fairy tier rewards

monthly mail

  • 1-2x A6 print


sticker club

€9.00 / month

As a Witch, you unlock all Spirit and Fairy perks, but you'll be also getting lots of stickers!Every month you're pledged in, you will get a set of matching stickers based on current theme. It can be sticker sheets, glossy or matte vinyl stickers, or regular label stickers.Rewards for this tier are sent in a stamped white envelope to keep the cost low, and the delivery is not trackable.

  • Spirit tier rewards

  • Fairy tier rewards

monthly mail

  • 1x sticker sheet/pack + large sticker OR 2x sticker sheet/pack (depending on theme)


Small bundle club

€15.00 / month

After becoming a Mermaid, you can finally dive deeper. Unlock all Spirit and Fairy perks and start receiving a monthly small art bundle! You also get an auto-applied discount on any of your shop orders.Every month you're pledged in, will get a postcard-sized art print, a sticker (set) depending on the current theme and one extra item. This extra item may be (but is not limited to) washi tape set, bookmark, memo sheets, extra print, mini cards deck, etc.Rewards for this tier are sent in a stamped white envelope to keep the cost low, and the delivery is not trackable. You can upgrade it to tracked shipping if you contact me prior signing up!

  • Spirit tier rewards

  • Fairy tier rewards

  • 10% off on all shop items

monthly mail

  • 1x A6 print

  • 1x large sticker or sticker sheet/pack

  • 1x extra item


Whole bundle club

€26.00 / month

Becoming a Vampire is as high as you can reach! Unlock all Spirit and Fairy perks and start receiving a big monthly art bundle! You also get an auto-applied discount on any of your shop orders.Every month you're pledged in, you will get an A5 art print, all stickers from the Witch and two extra items. These extra items may be (but are not limited to) a keychain, notebook, washi tape set, bookmark, memo sheets, extra print, mini cards deck, etc.⭐ Rewards for this tier are sent in a bubble envelope by priority mail. After filing your package, you will be messaged via Ko-fi with your tracking link!

  • Spirit tier rewards

  • Fairy tier rewards

  • 10% off on all shop items

monthly mail

  • 1x A5 print

  • 1x sticker sheet/pack + large sticker or 2x sticker sheet/pack

  • 2x extra item

Membership Terms

Last updated: 31st January 2024

basic support rewards

  1. You will receive basic support rewards if you join any of the tiers (starting at the Spirit tier). Currently offered basic rewards are:

    - ⭐ NEW: 25% off all Commission types
    - "Ko-fi Member" role on my Discord server
    - Access the purchase of all items in the member-only shop section on Ko-fi
    - Access any early release goodies in my Ko-fi shop when available
    - Have an early look at upcoming themes in Discord member-only channel
    - Access some bonus digital rewards from the Fairy tier (occasionally, not granted every month)

digital rewards

  1. You will receive digital downloads if you join the Fairy, Alien, Witch, Mermaid or Vampire tier. By joining any of the mentioned tiers, you also obtain access to all previously posted digital rewards. These can be found in the "Member only" shop section based on month, or in the "Gallery" section of my Ko-fi page based on type.

  2. Currently offered digital downloads are:

    - Phone and desktop wallpapers (PNG format)
    - Coloring pages (PNG format)
    - Step-by-steps of some of my artworks (PNG format)
    - Art tutorials or art advice showing specifically how I learned to draw (blog post or PNG images)
    - Experimental stationery items including but not limited to calendars, planners and notepads (available depending on what I am currently working on, therefore not posted every month, PNG format)
    - Early access to printable files of stationery items including but not limited to calendars, planners and notepads that are about to be released

  3. Digital rewards are posted on Ko-fi freely as the month goes. There is no schedule for them nor a fixed amount that will be posted every month.

  4. At the end of every month, all of the digital rewards posted for this month are put together into one listing in the Ko-fi Shop for easier access.

PHYSICAL rewards

  1. You will receive physical rewards if you join the Alien, Witch, Mermaid or Vampire tier. By joining any of the mentioned tiers, you begin to receive your mail starting with the theme of the current month you pledged in. You will NOT receive any of the past months' physical rewards.

  2. Currently offered physical rewards are:

    - Alien tier: art print, A6 size, printed on velvet matte paper, 230 gsm
    - Witch tier: sticker sheets/packs and individual stickers, printed on vinyl glossy, vinyl matte or regular semi-glossy paper
    - Mermaid tier: A6 art print + sticker sheets/packs OR individual stickers + extra item including but not limited to a bookmark, cards deck, extra print, memo sheets, washi sample, etc., depending on current theme
    - Vampire tier: A5 art print + a sticker sheet/pack + large sticker OR 2x sticker sheet/pack + 2 extra items including but not limited to a keychain, notebook, bookmark, cards deck, extra print, memo sheets, washi sample, etc., depending on current theme.

  3. You can purchase some remaining items from past themes in my Ko-fi Shop, "Member only" section. If a certain theme is not listed, it is not available anymore or has not been listed so far.



💖 With love

All physical rewards are wrapped in decorative silk paper and a sticker with your name on it!


✔️ Worldwide

Current exceptions: Germany, France


📦 Standard mail

Rewards for most tiers are sent as stamped envelopes to keep the cost low. The "Vampire" tier includes tracked shipping!

  1. Physical rewards for the Alien, Witch and Mermaid tiers are being sent by untracked mail in a stamped envelope. Members of these tiers are notified via Ko-fi post every time a batch of rewards gets sent.

  2. Physical rewards for the Vampire tier are being sent by priority mail accompanied by tracking number. Members of this tier are notified of their own tracking numbers via Ko-fi messages every time their rewards are sent.

  3. For all tiers with physical rewards (Alien, Witch, Mermaid, Vampire), the shipment is divided into three batches:

    - First (early) batch: Payment went through until the 5th = Rewards sent around the 5th day of the month,
    - Second batch: Payment went through until the 20th = Rewards sent around the 20th day of the month,
    - Third (late) batch: Payment went through after the 20th = Rewards sent on the last day of the month.

  4. In case of a change of the shipping address, it is each member's responsibility to notify me about it via Ko-fi messages as soon as possible to prevent the reward being sent to the old address. First please change your address on Ko-fi, but it is major that you also message me about it. I am NOT responsible for packages being sent to old addresses because a member failed to notify me about a new address.

payment & cancellation

  1. Membership payment is realized through Ko-fi. In case of any payment-related issue please refer to their terms of service.

  2. One membership pledge lasts for one month, meaning you will have access to your tier's rewards for this period of time even if you cancel during it. You are free to cancel anytime to prevent being charged for the next period.

  3. You will be charged upon signing up, and then again (if not cancelled) on the same day of the next month. Meaning, if you sign up on the 5th January, you will be charged again on the 5th February (unless 5th February falls on the weekend, then the payment might happen before or after this weekend - this is out of my hands).

  4. I reserve the right to cancel your membership in case your payment had not been going through for prolonged period of time and it is interfering with my work.

refunds & returns

  1. If you forget to cancel the recurring payment and ask for a refund, I can realize it within 14 days after the payment has been received on my side, however not AFTER I had already sent your physical rewards.

  2. If you ask for a refund after the 14 days or after your rewards had already been shipped, no refund can be made anymore.

  3. I do not accept any returns of reward packages. If a package was damaged by postage, it will be resolved based on individual cases.


In the mood for some purple happy mail? Visit my Kofi shop for the best prices!


💖 With love

I use bubble envelopes or cardboard boxes


✔️ Worldwide

Current exceptions: Germany, France


📦 Registered mail

Every order is accompanied by a tracking number

Freqently Asked Questions

What materials do you use for packaging?

Since oversea delivery proved to be damaging at times, I use cellophane bags for all items that are made of paper so that they don't absorb moisture on their way to a new home. I use cardboard backing for most orders, and I wrap them in a decorative silk paper secured with a cute washi tape or a sticker. All wrapped up, they are put in a bubble envelope (or a cardboard box in case of a bigger order).

How do I know where my package is?

Every order comes with a tracking link which is provided after marking the order as shipped. Check your Kofi account or email to find it. If you don't know where it is, message me with your Kofi username and the date you placed your order and I will look it up for you!

My order didn't arrive for over a month. What can I do?

Please check the tracking link that came with your order. Packages tend to get stuck at customs for weeks, sometimes even months, but from my experience it also happens a lot that the post does not notify the recipient of their package being deposited. If your tracking link says that your package has been deposited at your local post, please go to your nearest post to ask about it.

Why don't you ship to Germany etc.?

Due to the German Packaging Act, I would have to be paying ridiculous fees just to send one package, which I currently can't afford. Other mentioned countries that I cannot ship to go by rules that I can't currently comply with as a small business on a tight budget. I am sorry for the inconvenience!

Shop Policy

Last updated: 30th March 2023


  1. I, as the Seller, am NOT responsible for any import or customs fees that might occur depending on your, the Customer's, country's VAT laws.

order processing

  1. In case of an order of a regular item in stock that is NOT marked as "MADE TO ORDER", the average processing time is 1 to 5 days after the order has been placed.

  2. In case of an order that contains a "MADE TO ORDER" item, the average processing time can vary from 1 to 7 days after the order has been placed.


  1. All orders are shipped from Czech republic. I ship worldwide, except Germany and France.

    - If my shop seems not to let you order to your location, please contact me.

  2. By default the order is sent by priority mail accompanied by a tracking number. This tracking number will be added to your order after it's been shipped.

  3. For purchases within Czech republic the delivery is provided by the Czech post. In case of purchase outside of Czech republic, packages are handed over by Czech post to customer's country delivery carrier. I am unable to predict which delivery carrier will be used in each country.

  4. Average delivery time by country:

    - Czech republic - 1 to 5 days
    - EU - 3 to 14 days
    - All non-EU - 2 to 4 weeks

  5. The average delivery time can vary depending on the current carrier busyness due to holidays and other events, COVID-19 delays or weather delays.

  6. I, as the Seller, am responsible for the package before I hand it to the delivery carrier (Czech post). I am not responsible for:

    - Incorrect address entered by the Customer at the time of purchase;
    - Customer not being informed by their local post office after the package had been deposited;
    - Foreign delivery carrier (USPS etc.) negligence or mishandling;
    - Unforeseen causes, such as natural disasters;
    - Delays in shipping due to COVID-19 and other causes that are out of my hands.

  7. If you haven't received your package within 3 months, please contact me.

refunds & returns

  1. You, as the Customer, are eligible for a full refund:

    - If the package hadn't been shipped at the time of the refund request;

  2. You, as the Customer, are eligible for a partial refund (without the shipping fee):

    - In rare occasions where the package had been lost or returned to sender, with a clear indication of it on the official Czech post website;
    - If you hadn't picked up the package at the local post, therefore it was returned to sender and you do not wish for me to re-send it.
    - If the package had been seriously damaged during the delivery - sufficient photos are required, exceptions apply.

  3. Unfortunately, due to the nature of international shipping I do NOT accept returns, exchanges or cancellations, and I will NOT issue a refund:

    - If you change your mind after the package had already been shipped;
    - If the package had been shipped to an old or wrong address due to your negligence in updating your correct address, or due to en error in address that you have entered.

Thank you for purchasing a Tattoo Ticket!

What's next?

  1. Message me on any socials we talked on before with the fact that you just purchased a Tattoo ticket. Please let me know:

    - Your full legal name that will be written on the Tattoo permission ticket.
    - Your email address where you'd like me to send you the Tattoo permission ticket.

  2. I will send the PDF file of the Tattoo permission ticket to your email.

  3. If you wish to obtain the HQ image of your chosen artwork, please let me know so I can send it along with the ticket to your email.

  4. If you wish to obtain the form physically printed, I can ship it to you with your shop order or in a stamped envelope for a fee. Let me know!

It truly makes me happy you have decided to have one of my artworks permanently tattooed on your body! Once your tattoo is done, feel free to share it with me or post it on your socials and tag me so I can see it! Thank you again.


Commercial licensing for Commissioned Artwork

The table below shows all currently available options for commercial licensing.Authorship and redistribution rights always stay with the Artist - the Artist keeps the copyright of any work, and may always use the artwork for self-promotion purposes.

UsageReselling units*% of QuoteDescription
2 years free usageUp to 200+100%The Commissioner can use the image for their company for 2 years.
5 years free usageUp to 200+200%The Commissioner can use the image for their company for 5 years.
Lifetime free usageUp to 200+300%The Commissioner can use the image for their company forever.
Lifetime free usageMore than 200Contact meThe Commissioner can use the image for their company forever and resell as many units and product types as they want.
Usage rights for extra channels-+30% per channelIf

*Reselling units refer to pieces of a physical product with the commissioned design sold, e.g. 200 mugs. You may NOT resell the artwork as-is, e.g. clipart.


Commissioned Artwork cost (Full body, no background): €80
License for 2 channels: +60% / +€48