The commission service is for personal use only.

The Commissioner is strictly prohibited from using any commissioned artwork in anything related to crypto art / NFTs.

Please read full Terms of Service carefully before requesting a commission.



An artwork of a person with blue line on
light pink background (can be made in
black and white on request).

Full body€50


An artwork of a person fully shaded in my style and color palette. Simple background elements may be added.

Full body€70


An artwork of a person fully shaded in my style and color palette, and with a complex background.

Starting at€150
Price varies depending on request. 


A small drawing of an item, or hand(s) holding an item. Cannot be faces, fonts or full characters.

1 icon€10
+ 1 icon+ €10


The fact that it's not listed doesn't mean it's not do-able!Shoot me a message on any of my socials describing
what you'd like!


Addittional fees may be charged for, but not limited to:

Extra item with the character (sitting on a chair, holding a larger item, etc.)+20%
Lots of jewelry or complex clothing+30%
Large wings (larger than half the size of the character)+15%
Extra character (price depending on size and complexity)+50% to 100%


There is an option for a "rush fee" in case you'd like me to prioritize your commission over others. If the rush fee is paid, I will finish your commission as soon as possible, mostly in a day or two, but never longer than a week.The rush fee is not needed if there are no other commissions in progress (see waitlist at the top of this page).

commission price + 30% rush fee
= priority commission total


By requesting a commission via social media or Google forms you agree to have read and accepted these Terms of Service. Please read carefully.

Last updated: September 21st 2022

I. General

  1. The Artist reserves the right to reject, cancel or stop working on a Commission in case of rude/inappropriate behavior, poor communication, breach of these Terms of Service, in case the Artist is not comfortable with the idea/concept of the request or the Commissioner provides insufficient reference.

  2. The Artist has the right to alter the Terms of Service at any time. New rules will not apply retroactively and won't influence orders started on older terms.

  3. By requesting a commission, the Commissioner agrees to respect the Artist's art style, meaning they will not ask to amend the color palette and the style of line-art. The Artist will not copy any other artist's art style.

II. Artwork Topics

  1. The Artist will not accept a Commission that contains male characters and couples, animals and furries, mecha, armor, pornographic and sexual themes, action poses, difficult perspective, fetishes, or any form of hateful, racist or gory themes.

  2. The Artist is able to draw female or feminine characters including real people or original characters, illustrations of small objects (exceptions may apply), demonic and fantasy characters, pin-up and simple sitting or squatting poses.

  3. The Commissioner must provide sufficient image reference to the Artist, otherwise there is a high chance that the Artist will reject their request.

  4. The Artist reserves the right to turn down any Commission request that is of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) nature or generally makes them uncomfortable, even if it appears to adhere to these Terms of Service.

III. Payment & Refunds

  1. The payment is made via Paypal or Stripe invoices.

  2. All prices are expressed in EURO (€), and payments are expected to be made as such. In case of different currencies the Comissioner is responsible for providing the correct amount, equal to the EURO amount. Cryptocurrencies are not accepted as payment.

  3. All invoices are due within 7 days from receiving them, unless agreed otherwise. Invoices past the due date will be cancelled along with the Commission request. The Commissioner will be notified of this fact.

  4. The initial sketch is provided to the Commissioner for free. Any further edits to this sketch require the Commission to be fully paid. Only after the full payment is received by the Artist, they continue working on this Commission.

  5. After the Commission has been paid, generally no refund can be made, with exceptions including but not limited to:

  1. While working on the Commission, the Artist realizes the request is outside of their skills/experience and they will not be able to execute the Commissioner's idea in the best quality.

  2. Any Artist's personal reasons that arise in the middle of the Commission process, preventing them from continuing to work.

IV. Workflow

  1. The Artist is available to work on a Commission from Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM CEST, occasionally at random times during weekends if possible and required. These time frames may vary depending on amount of workload around the Shop and Memberships, which are always a priority.

  2. After sending the Commission request, the Commissioner will be provided with a rough sketch free of charge.

  3. The Commissioner is to review and either accept and ask for further edits, or reject and cancel the Commission. During the sketch phase it is critical to capture all major points such as the correct pose of the body, head and hands, general idea of the clothing and hairstyle, and in case of complex background Commissions the position of background elements.

  4. If the Commissioner accepts the initial sketch and wishes to continue, the Artist sends them an invoice. The invoice must be fully paid before the Artist continues working on the sketch edits/the line-art and shading.

  5. The Commissioner has the right to ask for work-in-progress updates whenever they need, however generally there is no clear estimate on how long will each Commission take - it might be a few days or a month - depending on the Artist workload. The Commissioner will be notified of approximate turnaround time for their Commission.

  6. If there are more commissions in the queue (see Waitlist), the Artist decides which Commission they will work on first depending on convenience. The fact that a Commission had been started first does not mean it will be finished first (some take longer than others, require more details and/or edits).

  7. After the artwork is finished, the Artist shares this final version with the Commissioner. The Commissioner may ask for minor edits that don't interrupt large line-art patches, such as color changes or placement of small elements (butterflies, sparkles, etc.). The figure pose cannot be changed anymore.

  8. The Artist decides if the requested edits are small enough to be free, or there is a need for the Commissioner to pay a fee. If the requested edits would generate a fee, the Artist notifies the Commissioner before they start with the edits, so the Commissioner can decide whether to proceed or not.

  9. After the Commissioner is satisfied with the Commission, they must communicate the fact clearly to the Artist. The Artist confirms to consider the order to be closed. Any further edits asked by the Commissioner after the order has been closed will be charged.

V. Delivery & Format

  1. Each Commission type has its own default format, unless agreed otherwise:

  1. The Full body Commission type is made on canvas sized 3508 x 2480 px (A4), PNG image, 300 dpi.

  2. The Portrait Commission type is made on canvas sized 2480 x 1748 px (A5), PNG image, 300 dpi.

  3. The Complex background Commission type is made on canvas sized 3508 x 2480 px (A4), PNG image, 300 dpi.

  4. The Icon Commission is made on canvas sized 1000 x 1000 px, PNG image, transparent background.

  1. All communication during the Commission process is expected to happen via Email or social media, unless agreed otherwise.

  2. The final Commission file will be sent as a PNG image. The final file must be sent via Email, as other platforms don't allow sharing high quality files.

  3. The Commissioner may ask for physical print of the artwork in A5 or A4 format. This print is made of smooth matte paper, 230 gsm. The Commissioner must pay the print and the shipping fee (price varies by country), which will be provided by the Artist upon request.

VI. Copyright & Use

  1. By commissioning the Artist, the Commissioner is purchasing their labor only. The Artist retains all rights to the commissioned artwork, which includes but is not limited to the distribution, reproduction, use of the artwork for Artist promotion, unless previously otherwise agreed on.

  2. The Commissioner may repost the commissioned artwork at will as long as the Artist is properly credited (must include the Artist's artist name "tyiart" and/or a link to the Artist's social media accounts). In case of use of the icon Commission on Twitch, Instagram etc., the Commissioner does not have to credit each icon separately as long as they give overall credit to the Artist on the same social media profile where this artwork is being shown.

  3. The Commissioner may use the digital file for local printing, as long as there is no profit being made from it.

  4. The Commission is for personal use only. The Commissioner is prohibited from reselling commissioned artwork.

  5. The Commissioner is strictly prohibited from using the commissioned artwork in any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency or any future inventions in the space.

  6. The Commissioner may not edit, alter or trace the commissioned artwork without the Artist's expressed, written permission.



Once the form is submitted, you'll be contacted via e-mail you provided, and all correspondence during the process will be done via e-mail as well.


You can request a commission by messaging me on Twitter, Instagram or Tiktok. Please make sure to let me know the exact type of commission you're requesting (portrait/full body in lineart/full color) and to provide sufficient picture reference.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Feel free to message me on any of my socials or shoot me an email at [email protected]


Last updated: 31st August 2022

general information

  • Being a part of my Ko-fi "Membership" means that for a monthly fee you become a member of my, the "", community.

  • Being a member means supporting my work and receiving member-exclusive content. The content can be digital, physical or both, depending on the membership tier you purchase.

digital rewards

  • You will receive digital rewards if you join the Fairy, Pixie, Witch or Mermaid tier. By joining any of the mentioned tiers, you also obtain access to all previously posted digital rewards.

  • Digital rewards currently offered are:

  • Phone and desktop wallpapers (PNG format)

  • Coloring pages (PNG format)

  • Step-by-steps of some of my artworks (PNG format)

  • Art tutorials or art advice showing specifically how I learned to draw (blog post or PNG images)

  • Experimental stationery items including but not limited to calendars, planners and notepads (available depending on what I am currently working on, therefore not posted every month, PNG format)

  • Early access to printable files of stationery items including but not limited to calendars, planners and notepads that are about to be released

  • Digital rewards are posted on Ko-fi freely as the month goes. There is no schedule for them nor a fixed amount that will be posted every month.

  • At the end of every month, all of the digital rewards posted for this month are put together into one listing in the Ko-fi Shop for easier access.

physical rewards

  • You will receive physical rewards if you join the Pixie, Witch or Mermaid tier. By joining any of the mentioned tiers, you begin to receive your mail starting with the theme of the current month you pledged in. You will NOT receive any of the past months' physical rewards.

  • Physical rewards currently offered are:

  • Pixie tier: art print, A6 size, printed on velvet matte paper, 230 gsm

  • Witch tier: sticker pack consisting of at least 1 large and 2 to 6 smaller stickers, printed on vinyl glossy or matte paper

  • Mermaid tier: a combination of an art print and a sticker pack from previously mentioned tiers + bonus stationery items every once in a while including but not limited to memo sheets, washi tape samples, bookmarks, etc.

  • The amount of stickers in the sticker pack and the type of vinyl used depends on the current theme.

NEW: loyalty cards

  • The aim of the Loyalty card project is to give my members an opportunity to obtain free goodies for their continuous patronage.

  • Every member now receives a Loyalty card either with their first shop order as a member, or with their first membership mail.

  • The Loyalty card contains space for twelve (12) Loyalty stickers. For every order of at least €10 (item value amount excluding shipping), the member obtains one (1) Loyalty sticker. The minimum order amount has been set due to Paypal fees that make small orders nearly unprofitable.

  • It is the amount of orders that's the main goal of the Loyalty card, therefore each order generates maximum of one (1) Loyalty sticker, even if the order amount exceeds €20.

  • Even though every new member will be sent a Loyalty card when eligible, it is the member's choice whether they will choose to participate and start filling in their card with stickers or choose to throw them away.

  • It is the member's responsibility to notify me after they hit a milestone and wish to obtain the reward. Members can notify me by sending me a photo of their Loyalty card via direct message on Ko-fi, Instagram or Twitter. The free reward will then be shipped to them with their next membership mail or a shop order.

  • After the member ceases their membership, they will no longer receive any new Loyalty stickers with their shop orders as a non-member.

  • If the ex-member chooses to resume their membership, they will start receiving Loyalty stickers again as previously mentioned along with a new Loyalty card. However, they may choose to resume filling in their old Loyalty card instead.

other rewards

  • You will receive a 10% discount on my entire shop if you join the Witch or Mermaid tier. This means that every time you place something from my shop into your cart, the discount will be automatically applied to your order amount.

shipping information

  • Physical rewards are shipped by standard untracked mail (as a letter) to keep the cost low. The items are wrapped in a cello bag to prevent getting wet during long delivery.

  • If you pledge before the 20th day of the month, your reward will be shipped around the 20th day of every month you keep your pledge.

  • If you pledge after the 20th day of the month, your reward will always be shipped at the end of the month unless you change your pledge to an earlier date. Simply said, if you hadn't paid for the current month yet, your reward can't be shipped sooner, because I have no way of knowing if you decided to continue pledging or not.

  • The rewards are shipped from Czech republic. If you reside in the EU, your rewards should arrive within a week or two, however if you're from outside of EU, your rewards might take up to a month to arrive. Unfortunately this is out of my hands.

addittional information

  • Due to my country tax regulations for self-employment I am obliged to record which part of the world is my income coming from, this is why I require every member's address even from tiers that don't have physical rewards.


Last updated: August 12th 2022

I. General information

  • I, as the Seller, am NOT responsible for any import or customs fees that might occur depending on your, the Customer's, country's VAT laws.

II. Order processing

  • In case of an order of a regular item in stock that is NOT marked as "MADE TO ORDER", the average processing time is 1 to 5 days after the order has been placed.

  • In case of an order that contains a "MADE TO ORDER" item, the average processing time can vary from 1 to 7 days after the order has been placed.

III. Shipping

  • All orders are shipped from Czech republic. I ship worldwide (except Germany, due to the German Packaging Act), however if my shop seems not to let you order to your location, please contact me.

  • By default the order is sent by priority mail accompanied by a tracking number. Since Ko-fi doesn't offer the option to enter a tracking number after the order has been sent, if you wish to obtain your tracking number, please message me with the name that you entered upon ordering and I will reply with your tracking number.

  • In case of purchase within Czech republic, the delivery is provided by the Czech post. In case of purchase outside of Czech republic, packages are handed over by Czech post to your country's delivery carrier. I am unable to predict which delivery carrier will be used in each country. However for US delivery, I can confirm that the majority of packages always seem to most likely be handed over to the USPS carrier.

  • Average delivery time by country:

  • Czech republic - 1 to 5 days

  • EU - 3 to 14 days

  • All non-EU - 2 to 4 weeks

  • The average delivery time can vary depending on the current carrier busyness due to holidays and other events, COVID-19 delays or weather delays.

  • I, as the Seller, am responsible for the package before I hand it to the delivery carrier (Czech post). I am not responsible for:

  • Incorrect address entered by the Customer at the time of purchase;

  • Customer not being informed by their local post office after the package had been deposited;

  • Foreign delivery carrier (USPS etc.) negligence or mishandling;

  • Unforeseen causes, such as natural disasters;

  • Delays in shipping due to COVID-19 and other causes that are out of my hands.

IV. Refunds & Returns

  • You, as the Customer, are eligible for a full refund:

  • If the package hadn't been shipped at the time of the refund request;

  • You, as the Customer, are eligible for a partial refund (without the shipping fee):

  • In rare occasions where the package had been lost or returned to sender, with a clear indication of it on the official Czech post website;

  • If the package had been seriously damaged during the delivery - exceptions apply.

  • Unfortunately, I do NOT accept returns, exchanges or cancellations, and I will NOT issue a refund:

  • If you change your mind after the package had already been shipped;

  • If the package had been shipped to an old or wrong address due to your negligence in updating your correct address, or due to en error in address that you have entered.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Feel free to message me on any of my socials or shoot me an email at
[email protected]


Thank you for purchasing a tattoo ticket!


  1. Message me on any socials we talked on before with your full legal name and the fact that you just purchased a Tattoo ticket.

  2. I will message you back with the custom "Tattoo permission form" mentioning your name in format this social media allows (mostly PNG image).

  3. If you wish to obtain the form in PDF format and/or need the HQ image of your chosen artwork, please message me with your e-mail address to send the files to.

  4. If you wish to obtain the form physically printed, I can ship it to you with your shop order or in a stamped envelope for a fee. Message me so we can arrange this.

It truly makes me happy you have decided to have one of my artworks permanently tattooed on your body! Once your tattoo is done, feel free to share it with me or post it on your socials and tag me so I can see it! Thank you again.